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Benefits Plus
• Faster access to needed cash
• Increased working capital at an extremely low rate
• No need to involve traditional banking or loan processes
• Electronic payments wired directly into your bank more deposits

Get Paid Fast

The TAP Program allows any carrier to receive an accelerated payment on their viable and contract-approved freight invoices from Trendset.
How quickly can the carrier get paid?
You choose how quickly you want to get paid!
Here are your accelerated payment options: Next Day | 2 Days | 5 Days | 7 Days
How does a carrier join the TAP Program?
It’s fast and easy for carriers to join the TAP Program!
Step 1:   Contact Bill Sprague at Trendset at 864-297-9255 ext 241.
Step 2:   Complete the easy enrollment paperwork once you receive it.
Step 3:   Send in your freight bills as you usually do, or you may select to send the freight bills in an expedited manner (fax, email, or FedEx).
Step 4:   You select the terms on how quickly you want to receive payment.
Step 5:   The funds are wired into your bank account automatically!
Step 6:   Sit back, get paid faster, and work on growing your business!
What are the administration fees?
The TAP Program administration fees are nominal for the convenience of receiving your payments quickly!
Next Day   3.5% discount on net payments due the carrier
2 Days   3.0% discount on net payments due the carrier
5 Days   2.5% discount on net payments due the carrier
7 Days   2.0% discount on net payments due the carrier
There are more special programs available. The administration fees are deducted from the net amount due the carrier and then the funds are automatically wired into the carrier’s bank account!

Phone:   864.297.9255 ext 241
Fax:   864.297.9288
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